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4 Vital Tips To Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Accidents and disasters that can lead to water damage can take place in your home at any time. This can compromise the structural stability of your property, decrease the resale value of your house, boost the risk of getting health problems, and cause an unpleasant odor to develop due to the growth of mold and mildew.

As a homeowner, you are responsible for protecting your home from water damage. Here are some helpful tips you may consider the following:

1. Dispose of Grease Properly

It can get tempting to pour leftover grease from cooking in your drains for your convenience. However, doing this can clog and damage your pipes, which may cause leaks and water damage in the long run. To prevent this from happening, you should dispose of grease and oils properly by placing them in a can and separating it from your other waste.

Meanwhile, if you have been throwing your leftover grease in your drain and encountered some problems in your plumbing, then don’t hesitate to call a trusted plumbing team right away. You may also turn to us for water damage restoration in Boise.

2. Pay careful attention to your water bill

While some forms of water damage are apparent, there are many types of leaks that can go unnoticed in your home. Worse, you might not even know they have already created severe problems until it’s too late.

One effective way to discover leaks in your home is by paying careful attention to your water bill. If it got unusually high out of the blue, then this can be a telltale sign that a leak has developed in your home, and it causes your property to consume large amounts of water. You have to locate the leak right away when this happens to avoid further development of the water damage

3. Go easy on using chemical drain cleaners

Clogged drains are best repaired with a drain snake. You may also consider using chemical drain cleaners, but although they can easily get rid of clogs, they can eat your pipes away and cause leaks that may lead to water damage over time.

Leaks caused by chemical drain cleaners can be particularly troublesome and tricky to deal with. Aside from being challenging to detect and locate, they can cause water damage anywhere in your home that is so extensive and severe yet remain undetected.

4. Clean out your gutters regularly

Over time, dirt and debris can pile up in your gutters that may cause clogging. Water can accumulate at the edges of your roof and may seep through your home.

Avoid roof leaks that can lead to costly water damage by cleaning out your gutters regularly and scheduling regular home maintenance. On the other hand, in case you need to address water damage in your property, you can depend on our skilled team for top-notch water damage restoration in Boise, ID.


Protecting your home from water damage is not easy, but it is possible by keeping the mentioned tips in mind and following them properly. Meanwhile, when disaster strikes in your home that cause water or flood damage, you have to act accordingly and respond right away. Make sure to reach out to experienced restoration service experts immediately to have your home restored right away.

Whether you suffered from property damage caused by water, fire, or mold, you can count on our damage restoration company in Boise, ID for a complete disaster cleanup solution. Contact us for disaster cleanup services!

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