Dehumidifier in a home crawlspace after water damage restoration

Why Dehumidifiers Are Important for Water-Damage Cleanup

When your property experiences any form of flooding, then you must do everything you can to keep the moisture out as soon as you can. Mold can start to grow on any damp or unventilated surface within one or two days after the incident—which is undoubtedly something you don’t want growing in your home. These can quickly reproduce as they travel through the air, reaching even more parts of your home to wreak havoc. If not taken care of, these contaminants can destroy the materials they grow on by merely digesting the organic materials around it.

Molds can also bring danger to your family’s health. Exposure to them can give off varying levels of sickness, among which are headaches, stuffy nose, red and itchy eyes and skin, and shortness of breath. Molds can also trigger people with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses, making their condition much worse.

Besides those, fixing up damaged fixtures and the process of getting rid of molds can be costly. If you do not want to go through any of these, you must do the proper cleanup after water damage at home immediately! One approach to get the moisture in your home out is by using a dehumidifier.

Why Use a Dehumidifier

It is not enough that you wipe off your floors and furniture with a mop or dry clothes. Some of the moisture and dampness are absorbed by the walls, floors, and some also stay in the air. The humidity in the air can activate the presence of mold!

An effective way to prevent it is by using dehumidifiers. These are appliances that remove excess moisture in the air. It is the perfect appliance that can also eliminate the musty smell—leaving your room dry, clean, and mold-free!

How It Works

Dehumidifiers work by soaking up the air inside the room. Once the air gets into the system, it will go through a rotating wheel, which absorbs any presence of water. The entire process removes the moisture in the sample air. A much drier air then gets blown back outside, keeping the chances of getting house mold low.

Using a Dehumidifier—What to Factor in

Humidifiers can help you save your home, but only if you know to use them properly. Various factors can affect their usage, and they usually depend on your situation:

  • Space – The first factor influencing how you should use your dehumidifier is the overall size of the area affected by the flooding. The bigger the room, the more time you need to keep your humidifier on. It can be as fast as two days and stretch for up to weeks, depending on your situation.
  • The Extent of Damage – Another factor is the extent of water damage at your home. Unfortunately, only a professional contractor can help you determine the specific time span needed for your home based on this factor. Different types of furniture absorb water at different rates; as such, they require varying lengths of dehumidifying. Professionals will first need to personally inspect your home to see the extent of the water damage is within your property.
  • Level of Humidity – The different seasons affect the air humidity. For example, the summer air is warmer; as such, it can hold more moisture, making its humidity level higher. The winter air has less water, so the humidity level is lower during this time. If your water leakage happened during winter, you would need less dehumidifying time than in the summertime.


When you experience water damage in your home, you must not settle with simple cleaning and drying techniques. By taking that extra step to use a dehumidifier, you can streamline the drying and repair process of your home to get it back to pristine condition. For the best results, seek help from knowledgeable service professionals to identify the real extent of the damage in your home.

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