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What you Need To Know Before You Enter A Flooded Property

Home floods are devastating. However, most of us don’t have the resources to simply pack up and leave to start from scratch somewhere else. If it were that easy, everybody would do it!

Regardless of the water damage a flood leaves behind, homeowners must go back, sort out the mess, and turn it into something habitable once again. This is easier said than done, but it’s a necessary task. In this post, we’ll share some tips when you return to your home after a flood:

Dress Appropriately

Your favorite mall outfit doesn’t have a place in the restoration of a flooded home. Dress appropriately. Wear waterproof rubber boots to prevent sharp objects and to protect your feet from the mud and water. Wear a 95-micron dust mask to protect your lungs from pollutants and disease.

Wear a pair of rubber gloves to handle anything safely in the area. Make sure you have a hard hat on and protective clothing as well because there might be falling debris that can harm you while trapped water can present a potential health hazard.

Pack The Things That You’ll Need

There are some things you need to bring when you’re about to enter a home that’s been flooded, such as:

  • First aid kit: This is for safety purposes in case an accident occurs while you’re inside the property.
  • Flashlight: This is important, especially if you can’t turn the power on just yet.
  • Dry wooden stick: Use a wooden stick to turn off breakers, unplug cords, or ward off animals that may have entered your home.
  • Cleaning supplies: This includes broom, mop, disinfectants, sprayers, and water hoses.  
  • Trash bags, cans, and dumpsters: There will almost certainly be a lot of things you need to dispose of, so make sure you have all the trash bags and containers to store them in.

Inspect The Exterior

Walk around the exterior of your home and check for downed power lines or electrical connections that may be submerged in water. Be mindful of the smell as well—do you smell gas or something burnt? If so, exit the property and contact a professional restoration company immediately.

If there’s still water around the house, check your walls for cracks as well. Walls can give out when there’s too much water pressure. Also, if there’s still water around the house, it’s advisable not to enter the house because the walls can give way and cause the structure to collapse. 

Check Electrical And Gas Connections

When you enter your house, disconnect all electrical and gas supplies right away. Doing so helps you lessen the chances of fire and explosion, as well as electrocution. Keep in mind that even if the power is out or the power supply has been disconnected, your fuse or breaker’ panel’s main fuse may still be on.

There’s also a chance that the utility company has turned the power in your home while you weren’t around. Therefore, it’s essential you turn them off as soon as you get in to ensure your safety.

In the case that the only way to turn off the gas and power is inside the house and there’s still water where they are, don’t enter until all the water has been removed by a restoration company.

Call A Professional

Dealing with a flooded home isn’t easy; and in times like this, you need a professional to help you out. Hire a flood damage restoration company to sort out the mess and make your home habitable again.

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