Stages of Water Extraction for Boise Residences

From the thousands of homes around the Greater Boise area to the millions of properties across the United States, few disasters are as commonplace or threatening as water leaks and flooding. Standing water concerns can mount quickly, causing pooling to spread to many rooms and overwhelm what matters most to you. Fast action is the only suitable solution, and the trusted team of Master Restoration can help you through the three phases of early management for water damage:  

  • Standing surface water removal 
  • Trapped water cleanup 
  • Regulating humidity 

Eliminating Surface Water First  

Our Master Restoration team must address direct water extraction for Boise homes before any other mitigation and emergency services. Standing water is an immense concern for the structural elements exposed and can ruin many contents caught in the path of migrating pooling water. Extraction has become the focus of several of our powerful tools and units, such as engine-driven pumps, wet vacs, and extraction wands.  

Eliminating Water Caught in Carpeting 

Master Restoration professionals recognize that not all flooring is salvageable, depending on the class of water damage you experience. When elements like carpeting can be saved, we work fast to protect these sensitive flooring types using sophisticated water removal solutions like weighted extractors or carpet wands. These powerful options force water out of the fibers and the padding layers simultaneously, making it possible to position air movers for effective drying.  

Moisture Management for Hardwood Floors  

Similar to the urgency of managing water trapped in your residence’s carpeting, our Master Restoration technicians must also work quickly to draw out water caught in the planks of wood flooring. With swift action, wood floors can often be protected from permanent damage using drying mats and other specialty equipment. If swelling or bloating of the planks has started, we cannot reverse this process and will remove this portion of the flooring.  Removing water from your property after a leak or burst pipe should happen as quickly as you can manage. Rapid mitigation solutions like extraction protect the property from permanent damage and allow qualified professionals like our Master Restoration team to arrive, begin cleaning, perform necessary emergency repairs, and assess conditions for the recovery work to come. When disasters strike, call Master Restoration, a trusted name among Idahoans, at (208) 286-1991.

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