Master Restoration Delivers Smoke Odor Removal in Meridian

Innovations Remove Smoke Odor After Fire Damage 

Meridian homeowners feel frustrated and disappointed when the smell of smoke and charring lingers. The persistent smoke odor is not only distasteful but also a constant and unwelcome reminder of the devastation and terror of the blaze. Professional deodorization interventions provided by Master Restoration help you put the entire experience, including the horrible stench, into the past.  

Why Are Smoke Odors So Difficult to Manage? 

Heat and flames change the chemical composition of the items burned, releasing smelly and hazardous volatile compounds. Restoration industry standards for smoke odor source removal prioritize deep cleaning, eliminating every bit of charred debris down to the dust or sludgy bits of incompletely combusted materials commonly called soot. Unfortunately, even experts might not capture all the residues. 

  • Individual soot particles are tiny, invisible to the naked eye, and many can remain suspended in the air or sift into crevices and cracks of building materials and furnishings despite deep cleaning–out of view but still odiferous.  
  • Significant challenges encountered during kitchen fire cleanup involve the characteristics of the protein-based soot created when foods and grease heat past their smoke points. Protein-based residues include dehydrated cooking ingredients and rancid oils, causing a coating that is transparent, tightly bonded, and smelling of rotting food.  

Effective Interventions Go Beyond Mere Cleaning 

Master Restoration delivers smoke odor removal by adopting ever-evolving technological advances that capture the offending soot particles. An individualized assessment of your Meridian fire damage will inform how we can address your deodorization needs. 

  • Experienced technicians match residues, cleaners, and techniques for the best soot and odor removal. Solvents and abrasives help loosen, suspend, and remove the varnish-like residues and rotten stench of protein-based soot. 
  • Crews contain fire damage-affected spaces with 1.5 mil polyethylene wraps and use negative pressure air scrubbing equipment to force (suction) the trapped air and soot contaminants through HEPA filters before exhausting to the outside. Every soot particle captured in the filter or exhausted reduces the odor load. 
  • Technicians choose from a range of pairing or neutralizing technologies that eliminate odors at the molecular level. Options include: 
  • ULV (cold) fogging/misting releases chemicals that mask odors. 
  • Thermal (hot) fogging recreates the conditions of the fire and releases substances that find and pair with the odor-bearing soot particles, causing a molecular change that eliminates the smell. 
  • Ozone machines transfer extra oxygen atoms, or hydroxyl generators create free radicals; both methods neutralize odors by changing the chemical composition of the soot particles. 

Master Restoration offers innovative smoke odor removal strategies to Meridian homeowners, understanding that lingering smells are hard to ignore and bring back disturbing memories of a house fire. Call (208) 286-1991 for assistance with fire damage, including eliminating unpleasant smells.

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