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All You Need To Know When Dealing With Fire Damage

A fire taking down something as hard-earned and valuable as your home or business can be an overwhelming experience. Watching something you cherish go up in smoke is difficult to handle, and one might feel the need to hold onto their grief and what’s left as much as possible—but it’s crucial to start fire damage restoration as soon as you can to get you back on your feet.

Before we go into what you can do after the fire incident, it’s worthwhile to revisit what you can do to avoid dealing with it in the first place. After all, prevention is always better than cure! The more you can avoid dealing with extensive fire damage, the better. Below are three things you can do to minimize fire damage:

  1. Install smoke alarms. These will be your first line of defense against a sudden fire and will help you minimize the damage to your property. Check it regularly: test your batteries at least once a month, and replace the whole system once it hits the ten-year mark. Have smoke alarms and detectors on every building level, not just on the ground floor.
  2. Have fire extinguishers handy. There are many different kinds in the market, so choose one that fits your property. Put them in an accessible and easily seen place, and make sure everyone who spends time on the premises (family members, workers) knows how to use one should the worst-case scenario happen.
  3. Mind your kitchen!  The kitchen (or pantry, in the case of business areas) is a prime spot for a fire to break out. Always watch what you’re doing and work without distractions. Be mindful of the cooking equipment and check on everything before leaving the place: turn off cooking appliances, check on the stove, and clean up surfaces.

The aftermath of a fire can cause harm even after all the embers have been put out. As much as possible, get a fire damage repair company to help you fix everything up. That being said, you may still need to get into the site of the fire to salvage some belongings or document the damage for insurance.

Here are four things to remember before going to a site of a fire:

  1. Safety first. Do not enter the property post-fire unless a professional has deemed the place safe enough. Structures after a fire will be unstable, and there’s always the risk of another fire starting, so stay put until experts explicitly say it’s okay.
  2. Document everything. Take as many photos of the damage as possible, take note of conversations, take screenshots of email threads and discussions, and save documents and receipts. Doing so will help you with your insurance company. Once you have all these, call your insurance agent as soon as possible to begin the fire damage assessment.
  3. Watch out for soot. Once inside the property, try not to move around too much, as not to spread soot and ash. Change your furnace filters, cover any dry furnishings and upholstery with sheets, and open up windows and doors to let the air in. If you spot any food or drink items, throw them all out; do not consume anything that has been exposed to the fire. Any clothes you see, collect and have them cleaned by fire restoration professionals, not just the dry cleaners!
  4. Listen to the experts. Fire damage restoration is a complicated job, and it takes a long time to become a professional. Always heed their advice; stay away from the site unless it’s marked safe, do not attempt to turn on water, gas, or electricity, and always be cautious. An area post-fire can be very hazardous, so keep your ears open for instructions!


Fire accidents happen, and it can cause a lot of financial strain on an already struggling business or family when they do. As with any disaster, the key to recovering from fire damage is a quick and efficient damage response. To ensure a speedy recovery, work with professional fire damage companies near you.

Master Restoration Idaho is a fire damage restoration company in Boise with a dedicated team of professionals that will help you get back on your feet. Disasters will always be overwhelming, but rebuilding will be as smooth as possible with the right team. Contact us today to learn more.  We can give you a fire damage quote and can help you with all your fire insurance claims. 

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