Addressing Smoke Odor Removal After Boise House Fires

Master Restoration Idaho Helps with Fire Damage Restoration

Beyond the immense structural damage that can signify a recent fire, a lingering odor is one of the telling signs you must endure through the restoration process. It is hard to live with strong smells surrounding the living areas, especially when contaminants or carcinogens are in the air. Most importantly, you just want your life back to normal. We understand the importance of deodorization and smoke odor removal for your house after a disaster.

Why Is Smoke a Threat to Your Home?

Smoke odor removal in Boise homes is directly tied to combustion. The more materials burn or partially combust, the thicker and more formidable these residues and particles become in the air. Look to Master Restoration Idaho professionals to help you overcome several types of smoke damage that could be overwhelming in rooms of your house. We have solutions for the following:

  • Environmental Threats – One of the most direct ways odors threaten your home is with smoke particles circulating in the environment. Air quality is a priority for responding technicians on our team, so we utilize air scrubbers to trap hazardous particulates that could threaten your family and increase the severity of post-fire effects
  • Trapped Odors – With several high porosity materials used in the building of your house, there are several surfaces capable of absorbing smoke smells. Our professionals utilize vapors and mist to reach these odor molecules and neutralize them.
  • Soil Deposits – When you see black residues stuck to surfaces throughout your home, these are also a layer of smoke damage restoration experts face. These soil deposits must be cleared and cleaned to manage concerns like offensive odors.

Protecting Contents from Smoke Damage and Odors 

Even with all the good we can do to address possible debris buildup and smoke damage, it matters little if we cannot take strides to save your most prized possessions. Just as first responders might advise you to distance yourself from the damaged areas for safety, relocation is also the strategy Master Restoration Idaho professionals will employ to keep your favorite contents from getting destroyed.

When it is impossible to relocate these items to a safer place, or damage has already occurred, our professionals will help clean your house’s possessions and belongings. We can establish a staging area to protect newly cleaned items and prevent cross-contamination while the fire damage restoration process continues.

Methods of Smoke Odor Removal 

You might think that simply removing fire-damaged items or completing the steps of fire cleanup can be enough to take care of odors. While this will help limit the strength of these offensive smells, it rarely removes them. We have a line of equipment and products designed to manage malodors created by combustion and aerosolized particles. These approaches might include the following:

The Odors of the Mind 

One of the most challenging and threatening forms of post-fire smells members of your family might experience does not even exist. A phenomenon occurs once you see burned materials, such as the visuals following your house fire, where your mind can create other sensory elements like a smell. Even with deodorization completed and surfaces cleaned, some of your family might still swear they smell a persistent odor of burned materials. We have powerful masking agents to help remedy this situation, replacing the mind’s version of the room’s smell with a pleasant alternative. We try our best to defeat phantosmia.Master Restoration Idaho can help you through all the phases of deodorization and smoke odor removal needed after a disaster. We know that scents can appear in many forms, from the strong smells involving chemicals and accelerants to imaginary malodors that keep you from moving on from a recent fire. Call us at (208) 286-1991 to reach our rapid response team and speak with our qualified experts about how we can help your home recover from a fire disaster.

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