4 Types of Flooding Experienced In The United States

As troublesome as it may seem, flooding is an inevitable part of life. With the dips and rises in the Earth’s geography, combined with the way water flows naturally, this puts many places at risk for floods. Some areas that are by the coast experience things like tidal flooding and storm surges that can cause massive damage to homes. The devastation these can bring reminded us just a few years ago, through coastal states like Florida during Hurricane Sandy and other powerful storms that have hit America.

With the size of the United States, not all states may experience tidal flooding or storm surges. For Idaho, being landlocked means that different types of flooding occur. Areas that have a low geographical point accumulates water quickly, while some who live beside rivers may experience river flooding during heavy rains.  Areas around the bench such as just north of Chinden on Eagle road, do not flood often but are considered natural flood plains.

Water Damage Restoration in Idaho

Idaho may not experience all types, but it pays to be aware of all types of flooding that are regularly experienced throughout the world. Knowing what each kind of flood type brings about can be of assistance when hiring water damage restoration services in Boise, Idaho.

Here are the types of flooding experienced in the United States and what causes them:

Storm Surges

Hurricanes, storms, and tropical depressions create storm surges. These happen as a result of a combined force of wind and low-pressure areas found in the center of a storm. The result is a strong force that pulls water from the coast and carries it inland.

While Idaho is quite far from the coast, the rainfall that comes with storm surges can cause massive flooding—possibly spilling over to nearby areas. Idaho’s neighboring state Oregon has experienced storm surges before, and these surges can bring with them rainfall that causes flooding in areas like Boise.

Tidal Floods

Tidal floods can happen in low-lying areas that are close to the coast. High tide events, like new and full moons, can cause tidal levels to rise—even during days that are sunny and have clear skies. Certain areas experience this kind of flooding multiple times a year, but Idaho residents are fortunately not candidates.

Riverine Flooding

Also known as fluvial flooding, riverine floods come in three types.

Overbank flooding is the first, wherein the water volume of a channel increases significantly and spills onto the surrounding areas. Ice jam flooding is another thing similar to flash floods, which are caused by cold weather creating ice jams in a stream, causing water to rise in certain areas. Dam and levee flooding caused by failures in a dam due to malfunctions is the third kind of riverine flooding. These cause water levels to exceed dam levels, which spills over to other areas surrounding these.

Rainfall Flooding

Heavy and extended rainfall can cause flash floods and plenty of water damage. These flash floods are caused by clogged sewage systems and draining canals, preventing water from flowing to the proper runoff areas. Urban areas are a heavy recipient of flooding due to their lack of soil and organic material that absorbs water.

When this kind of flooding happens, it can be dangerous for a city’s drinking and clean water supply. Floodwaters often mix with the sewage systems, which is where pests like rats reside and can cause diseases to spread.

Flash flooding usually occurs as a result of heavy rainfall, which causes an extreme flow of high water into areas that are normally dry. They can also be caused by streams or creeks overflowing with water due to the rainfall and can cause plenty of water damage to homes in the area.


Water damage is a real issue, as Idaho is not exempted from the impacts of mother nature. This is why water damage restoration in Boise remains an essential service multiple times a year. Being aware of the status of rainfall and flood warnings in your area will be a big help in preparing for water damage—so always tune into the news to see the latest in weather and rainfall patterns.

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