When Should You Get Mold Inspection and Remediation

As long as moisture is present, any home is prone to molds. Molds are one of the worse worst problems that any household can experience. They can spread to other parts of the house and damage both the property and health of everyone. They are also difficult to control since they spread through microscopic spores that are difficult to detect. Fortunately, mold remediation can help address the root of your problem.

What Is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation is a more thorough process of mold removal. In mold removal, cleaners focus on removing the visible mold in your homes. However, that does not guarantee that they can also remove the spores. While it may clean up the area for a while, it does not eliminate the possibility of them recurring. 

If you want a more assured service, go for mold remediation. It is a multi-step process that addresses the primary cause of the mold outbreak to ensure it does not happen again.

How to Know If You Need Mold Remediation Service

If you are not sure if you need this service, here are the signs need to book a service asap:

  • There Is a Strong Musty Odor Inside Your Room:  When your room starts to smell differently, it is time to consider having it checked. Any strong, musty smell in your area could mean that molds are starting to spread. Usually, you might notice it after the room had been locked up for a long time. The mildew-like smell might be hard to ignore by then.
  • You See Dark-Colored Spots on Walls:  If you need visual signs, dark-colored spots on your walls would be a direct sign. These are not just stains. They are living microorganisms that feed off organic materials in your room, damage your property, and spread disease around the house. You should also note that molds are not always black. They also come in other colors. You may spot gray-green, pink, or gray-brown stains.
  • Your Home Experienced a Water Damage:  If your home recently experienced a water leak, flooding, or any type of water damage, you might want to have it checked immediately. Water damage is the number one cause of mold. You can request a professional inspection early to prevent the potential mold problem before it sets in.
  • You or Any Family Members Experience Allergic Reactions:  When family members with weakened immune systems start to experience more frequent allergic reactions, irritated eyes, runny nose, coughing, or sneezing, they might be inhaling the mold spores. That could be another sign that you should get your house checked for mold. Their condition could worsen if the mold is not addressed immediately.


Mold grows in different places around the house—the sink, shower, basement, windows, and attic. It can even appear in appliances that utilize water. Instead of waiting for things to worsen, you might want to address molds as soon as you suspect their presence. The type of remediation process depends on the mold situation at home, so it is best to consult the experts for the best solution possible. 

Should you need a mold remediation service in Boise, ID, contact us at Master Restoration. We know how mold damage should not be taken lightly. We make sure that your mold problems will be repaired with the expertise and care you deserve. Call us at (208) 286-1991 and get a same-day free quote.

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