Water in a crawl space in boise idaho

Ways You Can Spot Water Damage In Your Crawl Space

Every homeowner must be aware that water in the crawl space can be a significant concern. Mold can grow and accumulate in rooms with high humidity and stagnant water. Worse, if the soil beneath your home structure becomes soaked with water, further damage can happen. Your home can be prone to the weakening of the structure, rotting of posts, and becoming a home to mold and mildew that are known to cause detrimental effects to the health.

There are various factors that may cause water buildup in the crawl space. It can be due to poor drainage, heavy rain, or a sewage backup. That’s why it is crucial to learn how to spot water damage and have it addressed quickly by professionals.

Here are the various ways to check your crawl space for water damage:

By entering into the crawl space

Make sure to find first where the crawl space is. You may check it in the hatch on the floor, inside a closet, or the exterior wall surrounding the crawl space. Wear old clothes because you will move around the narrow space and dirt may be all over. Use a flashlight with you. Ensure that you examine every area in the crawl space, including the ground below the house.

By checking for signs of water accumulation

Determine if there are signs of standing or pooling water in the area. You may also find discoloration and rotting of wood on the wooden posts. In some cases, there are tiny corners and narrow spots that require keener attention. Make sure not to miss any area because water can be hiding in there and starting to create damage in your home.

What You Need to Do When You Find Water in the Crawl Space

Finding water in the crawl space means you need to do a prompt action. Learn the source of the water, whether it is coming from above or below the ground. A damaged water system or a leaky pipe in the groundwater or under the floor’s house can be a common cause of the water accumulation.

 Groundwater can also enter your crawl space at some specific time of the year, such as during the wet months. Once you have inspected your crawl space and find out that there is water accumulation after the rain, call an expert to have the water buildup removed.

If the water is due to leaking pipes or water systems, make sure to check all the plumbing fixtures in your home and deal with them promptly.

Call the Professionals to Solve the Issue

Water in your crawl space can put your home and family at risk. This needs to be removed as soon as possible. However, dealing with this problem can be daunting and tedious. If you have no idea how to remove the water in the crawl space, the best thing to do is get a professional service.

Hiring a reliable water restoration company will be an excellent decision because they are trained to deal with the problem. The experts will inspect and implement the proper solutions so that your home will be free from significant damage.


We all desire to have a safe and healthy home. However, with that dream comes the responsibility of making sure that our home is free from sources of damage. Homeowners must be responsible for ensuring that instances like water damage, mold formation, and even pest infestation will be minimized or totally alleviated.

If you think your crawl space in Boise, ID has water damage, contact Master Restoration Idaho. Our team of skilled professionals will prevent and address water damage in your home. Contact us today for more details!

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