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The Different Indoor Damages That Are Caused by Smoke

Out of all the calamities and accidents you may face in life, a house fire would definitely be the most frightening and saddest experience that you could ever come across. 

Fires are merciless! They swallow and destroy all of your valuables, all of your properties, and even your hard-earned savings in one go. Sure, your life and the lives of the people within your home are more important than any furniture or device that may have met a toasty fate at the hands of a house fire. However, the scars and the trauma would remain for a long time.

There is even a chance that only a certain part of your home was damaged by the fire, which is good news since you only have to worry about restoring that particular section. But the thing about fires is that they produce harmful smoke. And even if you haven’t inhaled any of it, your indoor valuables may have not been as lucky as you.  

The following are examples of your indoor contents and the destructive effects of smoke on them.

1). On Your Metal Furniture

Even if they’ve been left untouched by the fire, they would still get corroded if they’ve been exposed to the smoke for a very long time. Metal furniture is prone to rust, and the high temperature during the whole ordeal would make things worse for your valuables. 

After the firemen have entirely stopped the flames, make sure to wipe the moisture away from your remaining metal furniture and devices. You may apply a small amount of cooking oil on a clean, dry cloth and use this to wipe off any of the smoke’s chemical components stuck on them.

2). On Your Beds and on Your Wardrobe

Unlike your metal furniture, your bed sheets and clothes wouldn’t need anything else other than a good wash at the laundry. Of course, there’s a tendency for the smell to linger on them, so you have to wash them multiple times and use a powerful detergent in the process. 

Take note that this only works on cloth materials. If your wardrobe happens to include a leather jacket and nylon leggings, chances are, you may need to treat them differently.

3). On Your Wooden Furniture

Trying to remove the stench of smoke may be a bit tricky when it comes to your wooden furniture. This is because not all of them are finished uniformly. Some of them have varnish; others are stained, while the rest were merely carved without any finishing layers on the outside. You may need to consult with your restoration company or other woodworking experts to properly clean all your wooden valuables.


No one ever wants to experience a house fire. Aside from the fact that it puts your life at risk, it is also very destructive towards your valuables and devices. That’s not even the end of it, as it also produces smoke which may linger on your items for a very long time. Act fast, save whatever you can, and immediately clean your valuables. Smoke damages are very costly, and you may need to recover all your items in the nick of time to avoid paying for any of that fee.

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