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Smoldering Embers What Makes Fumes from a House Fire Toxic

Smoldering Embers: What Makes Fumes from a House Fire Toxic? 

In recent years, we have seen the devastating effects of climate change. We witnessed more rogue tornadoes and more destructive wildfires. Although we have stepped up in our efforts to counter global warming, we must also prepare ourselves for the worst. 

With that said, we must have a plan on what to do after the fire is controlled. We also need to ask for the professional help of a fire damage restoration company. You may already find the sense in what we are saying, but your bigger concern might be what to do first. If this is your issue, you should continue reading this article. 

Kindly take note that when you are dealing with a house fire, you are not only dealing with the flames. But you are also fighting the fumes it creates. Even after the fire is extinguished, you may still smell the lingering acrid odor of what is left.

How Dangerous Is Smoke from a House Fire?

You might be considering foregoing the professional help of a fire damage restoration company. But you should immediately dismiss such a thought because smoke from a house fire is incredibly hazardous. Please take note that it can cause eye irritation and respiratory problems. Sometimes, it can even lead to death. 

A fire damage restoration company will tell you that smoke can kill you in many ways. But its toxicity depends on the materials that were burned. A burnt paper is less poisonous than burning plastic or furniture. They will also tell you that it would also depend on the temperature and condition of the fire.

The odor of the smoke is a great indicator of how toxic it is. If you are burning incense sticks, the smoke is safe enough to inhale. But if you can detect a sweet or bitter scent, that is highly toxic and harmful. You should stay away from it.

How Can a Fire Smoke Affect Your Home?

According to Michigan State University, smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death in house fires. This factoid should compel you to hire a fire damage restoration company to deal with cleanup and restoration jobs. 

Even if it is not your house that is burning, the toxic fumes can go into your home. If the fire is not put out, the toxic smoke can spread quickly and easily. Other than being poisonous, toxic fumes can cause significant damage to your home. It can affect the structure of your house.

As mentioned earlier, it can cause eye irritation and respiratory problems. It can also damage your home’s insulation, walls, floors, and windows. It will also age your home prematurely.

How Can You Clean Smoke Damage?

It is prudent to ask for the professional help of a fire damage restoration company, especially if the damage is severe. But if the problem was minimal, you can do it yourself. Before you do anything, it is wise to assess the damage. Doing this will assure your safety and that of your entire household.


No one can foretell the future. Even fortune tellers cannot give an accurate forecast of things to come. With that said, it is wise to plan on how to protect yourself and your loved ones as well as the items that you hold dear. 

Once the embers are extinguished, you should ask for assistance from a reputable damage restoration company in Boise, ID. There is no one better to help you than Master Restoration Idaho. We will take care of everything so that you and your loved ones remain safe. Check our website to learn more about our services!

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