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3 Warning Signs Your Home Is At Risk For Fire Damage

Safety professionals and master restoration professionals alike reiterate time and time again that recognizing a fire hazard can save your home or business from a damaging event. In a country like the United States, where such dangers are responsible for its highest natural disaster figures, the ability to spot them before they fully unfold is an absolute necessity. 

When you know how to spot fire hazards, you have the opportunity to protect your family, your home, or your business from tragic outcomes. In an ideal world, you will never be a part of almost half a million structural fire cases in the United States each year. Being prepared will allow you to create a safe environment for those depending on your home or business! 

Key Signs to Watch Out For

Recognizing a fire hazard is a fairly simple task that entails being mindful of everything going on in your property. For a better idea of whether your home or business is at risk or not (and if it’s finally time to call Master Restoration Idaho’s experts in to keep everything safe), here’s a list of indicators to look out for: 

Sign #1: You Have Crowded Electrical Outlets

Crowded electrical outlets are regarded as one of the most common causes of fires in homes and businesses. This means it is something that you should avoid at all costs.It’s easy to take electrical outlets for granted, but things can only get worse and much more dangerous if wires in affected areas end up wearing down because of use. Once these aged, rugged, and faulty connections are overloaded with high-powered appliances and gadgets, they can spark at any given time and start a fire.

Sign #2: You Leave Open Flames

As painfully obvious as it may sound, open flames are another common reason hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses worldwide end up burning down. Unlike degraded electrical outlets and faulty wiring, this type of fire hazard happens because of pure carelessness. 

Whether you’re cooking something, keeping the house warm, or experimenting in the kitchen, it’s crucial to keep your flames low or simply turn off your stove, candle, or any flame so that you avoid accidents! Everyone in your home or workplace should never leave a room wherein there is an open flame—make this a hard and fast rule that everyone should follow.

Sign #3: You Have Excess Sawdust in Your Space

This is probably something you never thought of up to this point. Excessive amounts of sawdust have been linked to thousands of house fires in the United States because these materials are highly flammable and can burn up in certain conditions. 

Beyond damage, messes, and spontaneous combustion, however, the biggest trouble about excessive sawdust is that it doesn’t look very dangerous. Something so innocuous and common can actually take homes and lives.


Protecting your property from the risk of fires is one of the most crucial steps you’ll need to take as a homeowner or business owner. By watching out for the three critical signs mentioned above, you can protect your property and everyone in them. Prevention is better than cure, after all.

If you’re looking for a fire damage restoration company in Boise, ID, that can help protect your home from the risk of flames and fumes, Master Restoration Idaho has you covered. Get in touch with us today!

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